Recovery Bow Shackles

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Rated Alloy Bow Shackle

Features & Benefits:

  • BOW WITH SCREW PIN to U.S. Federal Specification RR-C-271b

Always use rated alloy recovery bow shackles to attach to the recovery strap, chain or rope. (Fed Spec RR-C-271b/Factor of safety of 6:1). Pack a variety of bow shackles to cater to all vehicle weights, a good range will be from 2 Tons to 6,5 Tons to cover all situations. We do not recommend that you use commercial or D-Shackles: a commercial shackle will not show it’s rating and the pin and body will be of the same diameter. On a rated shackle the pin and body will be of a different diameter (pin is thicker). The body is embossed with the Work Load Limit and batch number. A bow of the shackle has a larger inner working radius offering more space for attachment of straps and the ability to achieve greater angles when recovering. After tightening a shackle turn the pin a half turn back, this will make it easier to open after the recovery.

Recovery Bow Shackle, Alloy Bow Shackles
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