RUD-protectAR (Rim Protection)

Product enquiry

Our patented innovation - for fast and effective rim protection on your wheels when using snow chain.

rim protection from snow chains

  • Effectively protects light alloy rims, using easily attached eyelets
  • Can be used on a variety of chain types
  • Simple and fast clip-on attachments to the side chain
  • Atrractively designed eyelets that effectively protect light alloy rims from being damaged by parts of the chain
  • Retrofitting with most commercially available hoop and cable chains

1. Slide in the eyelet with the open side...

2. Turn the chain link at right angles to the eyelet...

3. Clip the eyelet into the chain link (and the other ones as well...)
Then just pull the tension chain through to finish.
We recommend to remove the existing passing through links.

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