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RUD Classic snow chains are quick and easy to fit and remove even beneath low-clearance wheel housings.

CLASSIC RUD-matic Snow or Tyre chains from LiftLash South Africa

Classic comfort hoop chain for quick fitting and removal under low-clearance wheel housings.

  • Body-to-tyre clearance 12 mm
  • Ideal for both front and rear-wheel drives
  • Optional retro fitting of rim protection system protectAR

4 mm round chain links with wedge-shaped link.
RUDmatic hoop

The spring-steel,
inner hoop
makes fitting
easy, even when
space is limited:
Matic fitting - no
need to reach
into the wheel
housing. Ideal
for rear-wheel

Ease of fitting and removal Suitability for front-wheel drives Suitability for rear-wheel drives Suitability on snow Suitability on ice Smooth running (comfortable ride) Body-to-tyre clearance in the wheel housing (inside) Rim protection
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With 18sizes to cover everything

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