RUDmatic Soft Spike

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RUDmatic Soft Spike tyre chains (or snow socks!) are made using Ferrofil® technology ensuring excellent grip on ice.

The snow socks provide a quite and smoother ride with less vibrations compared to normal snow chains.

RUDmatic Soft Spike RUD Snow Tyre Chains, tyre chains, South Africa
  • Body-to-tyre clearance 5 mm
  • ferrofil® technology for the best grip on ice
  • Special textile side-pieces for the best rim protection (no risk of damaging light alloy wheels)
  • Easy, straight forward fitting

Super Grip by ferrofil® technology

innovative quick
fitting with the
combination of
textile and

Ease of fitting and removal Suitability for front-wheel drives Suitability for rear-wheel drives Suitability on snow Suitability on ice Smooth running (comfortable ride) Body-to-tyre clearance in the wheel housing (inside) Rim protection
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With 10 sizes to cover everything

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