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This is RUD's signature snow chain and vehicle change product suitable for light and medium-duty utility vehicles. The chains are manufactured from chromium-manganese alloyed fine-grain steel which is much harder and durable than other snow chains from RUD.

With reinforced, square-shaped chain links for heavy duty

  • Body-to-tyre clearance 16 mm
  • Ideal for both front and rear-wheel drives
  • Comfort hoop chain for rapid fitting and removal even for narrow wheel arches
  • Reversible chain mesh
  • Chromium-manganese alloyed fine-grain steel
  • Phenomenal test results in terms of traction, durability, tracking, braking distance and smoothness of running


4.5 mm square-shaped chain links

inner hoop
makes fitting
easy, even when
space is limited:
Matic fitting - no
need to reach
into the
Ideal for
rear-wheel drive.

Ease of fitting and removal Suitability for front-wheel drives Suitability for rear-wheel drives Suitability on snow Suitability on ice Smooth running (comfortable ride) Body-to-tyre clearance in the wheel housing (inside) Rim protection
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With 26 sizes to cover everything

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