Protection for Lashings

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The anti-abrasion and anti-cutting properties of SECURELOAD Slings and Lashings can be greatly enhanced by the provision of either protective sleeving or corner protection pads. Sleeving is available in three versions; either a woven polyester tube for Lashings, stitched webbing for Slings, or SECURELOAD unique SECURETEX polyurethane coating for both Lashings and Slings. Corner protection pads are available either as a flexible polyurethane strip or as a moulded plastic component. In all cases, the objective of the protection devices is to provide a barrier between the load and the Sling or Lashings, which is capable of withstanding the wear and tear of heavy duty and/or sharp edges.
Lashing Protection


Tubular sleeving for Lashings

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Tubular sleeving for Lashings

Tubular sleeving for Lashings use, SecureLoad Tubular Sleeving is of a seamless, woven polyester construction, having no sharp or abrasive edges to cause possible damage to load or personnel. The sizes have been chosen to complement the range of Lashings although a wider size of sleeving can be used to reduce the pressure exercised on the load.

Lashing with tubular anti-abrasion sleeve

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