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Hammock Lashings for Uncoventional Loads
Hammock Lashing
Loads on heavy good vehicles come in a variety of shapes and sizes and many have their own specific characteristics which make them difficult to secure adequately to the vehicle platform. , In some situations a conventional webbing lashing strap is not suitable to secure the load. , This may be because the load has fragile edges which would be damaged by the load securing straps when under tension such as cladding profiles or because the load combines several units which need to restrained over a wider area. , The hammock lashing offers a complete solution to these situations prividing load securinty without damaging the edge profile of the load.

- Effective restraint system that spreads the tension over a broader area
- GRP reinforced edges
- Avoids damage to vunerable edges
- Lightweight less than 3Kg
- Exceptionally tough and durable
- Will not rip through
- Easy to deploy
- Reduces work at height risks
- Can be used with the Ergo pull down ratchets
- Minimises manual handling
- Rolls up after use for spacde saving stowage
- Breathable fabric, eliminates drag
- Lashing Capacity 2000 daN
- Fixed Length 0.4m
- End fitting, Closed Rave Hook
- Tension Force Indicator included in ratchet
- LC4000daN, STF 750daN with Ergo ratchet
- Manufactured to BS EN 12195-2

Typical Applications
- Cladding Panels
- Fragile Edges
- Sand/Cement in sacks
- Fertiliser
- Agrochemicals
- Agrregates
- Octabins
- Pallet Boxes

Bulkhead Hammock-
- Temporary bulkhead for curtainsider vehicles
- Provides secure forward restraint
- Can be applied anywhere along the trailer
- May be used to secure frontwards or rearwards
- Allows additional pull down restraint
- Multifunctional, can also be used over the load frictional lashing
- Rolls up after use for easy stowage
- Lightweight, durable and easy to apply

Ideal for
- Part loads
- Multi-drop loads
- Double stacked loads

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