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High quality webbing is used throughout our product range of lifting & lashing slings, tie downs, vehicle recovery ropes & straps, safety harnesses and seatbelts.

Our webbing is manufactured from high tenacity polyester, providing excellent safety and durability and offers significant advantages including:

  • Does not weaken with age
  • Inherently absorbent of shocks
  • Corrosion free
  • Simpler, more positive inspection - if it looks all right, it is all right
  • Lighter weight means easier working, less risk of injury
  • Lower weight also means lower transport costs
  • Suppleness of polyester accommodates irregularities of the load. Chain may damage the load or grip in the wrong place
  • Less risk of damage to polished, painted or sensitive surfaces compared to chains
  • Superior level of cargo control through high pre-tensioning

Webbing Johannesburg

To prevent fraying, the webbing fibres can be permanently welded together by heat sealing. This option carries the suffix “HS”.

SPANSET webbing, available here in Southern Africa
The SPANSET webbing with, optional integrated edge protection is designed for extreme loads. SPANSET has over 40 years of experience and success in the design and manufacture of webbing. SPANSET developed the first car safety belt for Volvo back in the 60s – which today is an indispensable security feature for every car.

SPANSET customers include companies and organisations who set the highest demands in security, such as automobile and aircraft manufacturers, the chemical, steel, mining, construction and paper industrys, energy suppliers, freight companies, Ministry of Defence and NATO. SPANSET tie downs, cargo restraints, fall protection, lifting slings & webbing are available here in Southern Africa from Special Industrial Supplies.

With SPANSET's load security products & webbing you will effectively avert risks and accidents and comprehensively meet legal requirements. With the use of SPANSET quality webbing, you can be assured that you’ll be doing the utmost for your transport safety.

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From material selection to quality testing, from accurate calculations to intelligent use – SPANSET provides 100% performance for each phase. SPANSET weaves its own webbings at several locations and employs technical and legal experts so that only absolutely reliable and practical load security products are delivered to customers.

SPANSET's quality management continually tests materials and end products. They are checked continuously in SPANSET's own laboratory and in external testing programmes. We test the maximum load, strength and durability four webbing. For many years, SPANSET has also been audited by renowned institutions, including BSI, TÜV and MoD who regularly certify our products and quality management.

Yellow Webbing


Tie Down Webbing

This webbing is used in our range of SECURETECH tie downs for 4x4's, bakkies, boats, quads, motor bikes and outdoor equipment. Select our heavy duty SECURELOAD and SPANSET tie downs for industrial use with tightly woven webbing to enhance durability and strenght.

SECURELOAD tie downs, lashings & ratchet straps are the modern, lightweight and thoroughly reliable method of securing all types of load across the entire spectrum of commercial, industrial and transport sectors. 

Webbing available with Minimum Break Strengths ranging from 500 to 10000 kg and with widths of 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 75mm.

The webbing in our SECURETECH tie downs come with a free lifetime repair warranty* and is used in ratchet tie down systems and cam buckle tie down systems.

SPANSET provides webbing for load & cargo control (Lashing straps) made from polyester and can be used in a temperature range from -40°C to+100°C.  Designed for extreme loads, the webbing comes with optional integrated edge protection.

Tie Downs

Lifting Webbing

Made from industrial high tenacity polyester, duplex webbing is used in our multi layered SECURELOAD Duplex Lifting Slings and SECURELOAD Endless Slings. SECURELOAD Duplex Lifting Slings provide a high strength to weight ratio with a 7 to 1 factor of safety. Our SECURELOAD Duplex Flat Webbing Slings are manufactured and tested in accordance to:SANS 94 - 1 : 2003 & EN 1492 - 1 : 200.

From SPANSET the PowerStar Duplex Sling is the next generation of duplex sling systems, with all round protection for longer life. The unique PowerStar herringbone weave webbing reduces wear on the surface and is also an easily recognisable capacity indicator. Each 30mm herringbone weave strip indicates a straight lifting capacity of 1t. The webbing can be sealed against ingress of dirt so that the sling can be easily cleaned down after use (Powerflex Duplex from SPANSET).

PowerPlus® nylon Web Sling (image below), with the strength of premium SPANSET webbing, made and tested in SPANSET's factory, helps tackle even the roughest lifting jobs with confidence. With thermoplastic beading, the sling's webbing is protected against cuts and tears when lifting abrasive loads in the harshest environments. Cordura™ reinforced eyes prevent damage from lifting hooks. An optional abrasive resistant chemical coating is also available on request.

PowerPlus lifting webbing

Vehicle Recovery & Outdoor Gear Webbing

Vehicle WebbingOur SECURETECH recovery gear is made from a low elongation, high tenacity polyamide webbing.  SECURETECH Snatch Straps and Kinetic Ropes are SABS approved, manufactured locally to ISO9001 standards and come with a lifetime repair warranty.

Polyester webbing is used in the manufacture of our SECURETECH products such as tow straps, cargo nets and fridge tie downs where elongation is not required.

The webbing is UV Stabilised to extend its lifetime.

General purpose Polypropylene webbing is available from SECURETECH in 25mm (300kg) and 50mm (600kg) rolls.


Height Safety & Fall Protection Equipment Webbing

Webbing Height Safety
SPANSET's experience in webbing based products provides the perfect background to develop our innovative range of height safety equipment over the past 20 years. The webbing used in our harnesses and fall arrest equipment is high quality and anti-abrasive. The webbing is supple and conforms to the wearer for maximum comfort. European Standards are used in the testing of the webbing and fall arrest equipment.

Safety Belt Webbing

Seatbelt webbing has a tensile strength to withstand 3 tons of force, and is manufactured with some elongation to help absorb the energy during a potential collision. Safety is of the essence with stringent quality standards being followed.

Seatbelt webbing

Custom Application Webbing

Special Industrial Supplies has over 20 years experience in the manufacture of a wide variety of products and gear, much of which is created using webbing. At our light modern factory in Strydom park, we design and manufacture custom products to meet our clients specifications.

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