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ABOUT US - Company Information

Special Industrial Supplies manufactures products to locally and internationally recognised standards in accordance with our ISO 9001 quality code of conduct. All our products are manufactured with a view to being functional, long-lasting and safe. We supply a range of high-quality products at a competitive price.

Our company is located in Central Gauteng in an area called Strydom Park, a light industrial suburb. The factory is centrally located to service Gauteng as well as Southern Africa, we are within a 10 to 30-minute drive of all major transport companies, local domestic air freight agents and international forwarding companies for exports outside of our borders.


​Our light modern factory has 2400m2 square metres of production space, storage space and office space. We are able to handle up to 1000kg with our forklift and up to 2000kg with our overhead crane. Our 52 sewing machines run on 220 volt and 380 volt. The 18 metre long endless sling-winding machine is operated by 220 volt and compressed air. We have 12 CNC sewing machines, which run on 220 volt and compressed air.

Currently we employ 40 people in total. With a sales team handling the domestic market and our Managing Director Michael Green looking after the export market. The team is made up of talented multi-skilled individuals who are highly customer focused. Many of the staff enjoy long service status.

  • Lifting equipment:

    • Textile

    • Chain

    • Steel wire rope

  • Lashing equipment

  • Height safety

    • Safety harnesses

    • Rescue equipment

  • Automotive seat belts

  • Kit bags:

    • Medical bags

    • Speaker bags

  • Outdoor and 4x4 Equipment

  • Recovery Systems (self and assisted)

  • Webbing:

    • Polyester

    • Polyamide

    • Polypropylene

  • South Africa (retail, lifting, lashing, webbing, seat belts)

  • Namibia (lifting, lashing, retail)

  • Angola (lifting)

  • Botswana (lifting, lashing, retail)

  • Zimbabwe (lifting, lashing, retail)

  • Mozambique (lifting, lashing)

  • Swaziland (lifting, lashing)

  • Lesotho (lifting, lashing)

  • Democratic Republic of Congo (lifting)

  • Tanzania (lifting, seat belts)

  • Ivory Coast (lifting)

  • Indonesia (webbing)

  • Australia (retail)

  • New Zealand (retail)

  • Germany (retail)

  • Switzerland (retail)

  • France (retail)

  • Holland (retail)

  • Belgium (retail)

  • Holland (retail)

  • United States of America (retail)

  • England (retail)


All of our products are manufactured to strict local and international standards, in accordance to an ISO9001 quality code of practice. The products are manufactured with view to being functional, long lasting and safe.

  • Lifting slings (textile) SABS 94: 2003 CE 1492: 2000

  • Lifting slings (chain) EN818 ISO 3076

  • Height safety CE 0426

  • Automotive seat belts SANS 1080

  • Lashing equipment (textile) SANS 52195 – 2 : 2007

  • The RUD Group is a dynamic family group, that is active worldwide.

  • Ambitions: continuous, profitable growth – careful treatment of our natural resources and our environment.

  • With over 140 years of experience and, taking round steel chains as a basis, we develop future-oriented solution concepts.

  • We see our products as the result of our passion to creativity and perfection in our core competences metal working, welding, heat treatment, surface technology and forging.

  • Long-term partnership is the heart of everything we do. We vouch for customer-oriented value-added technology as well as for quality and safety.


Our mission is to be the preferred partner to the user of quality products, systems and safety management in lifting, load control and height safety.


Philipp is family owned, medium-sized and successful company and a reliable partner for cooperation. We are deeply entrenched in Germany and focused internationally.

Our mission statement: Sustainable solutions for our customers.

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