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Easy product inspection with RFID Technology. Tested safety for people and material. Prepare your company today for tomorrow’s challenges.

The better the safety of your equipment, the better your employees are protected. And the more secure the loads you move every day. That’s why it only makes sense that more and more countries are legally stipulating the testing of safety-related equipment. This also applies to the permanent identification of equipment as well as the documentation and administration of test data.

Those who want to fulfil their duties in a legally compliant manner often face great challenges. The time, personnel and costs involved in the testing process are immense. At least if it’s carried out in the conventional way. Documentation in particular ties up huge resources daily. Legally compliant documentation can be decisive for you, for example, in the event of an obligation to provide evidence.

Now you can establish legal certainty with significantly less effort and expenditure.

The solution: the RUD BLUE-ID SYSTEM.

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RUD Blue ID System videos playlist

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