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LIFTING - CALDWELL Dura-Mod Brochure

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To provide customers across the globe with innovative, high-quality lifting solutions that get the job done in any setting. Caldwell will provide the technical knowledge and services to assist in making sure each lift is done correctly, safely, and successfully.

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In an effort to add to our large range of below-the-hook lifting devices, Caldwell is proud to introduce the Dura-Mod Modular Spreader Beam. Our new product will come in a variety of sizes that allow the user to configure a spreader beam suitable for different projects and applications depending on the desired capacity and spread.

As a result of increasing demand for a more versatile, lighter weight system and shorter lead times, Caldwell is leased to provide an “off-the-shelf” certified solution in the form of the Dura-Mod Modular Spreader Beam. This beam offers a very customizable system and is currently available in sizes up to 170 Ton, with higher capacities being developed. The modular design and the drop link system (which eliminates the need for lifting lugs or pad eyes) on the Dura-Mod provide a multitude of benefits for this new product line.

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Caldwell Quality

Alongside a long list of advantages is Caldwell’s devotion to quality. As part of the commitment to providing the highest quality lifting devices that will get the job done the right way, Caldwell manufactures all products domestically in the plant located in Rockford, Illinois. The Dura-Mod Modular Spreader Beam will be no different. Each modular system will originate under our roof and arrive dressed in our “Made in the USA” badge, so that you can rest assured you are working with a product that will not let you down.

  • Lightweight in comparison to fixed/multiple point beams.

  • Easy to transport & store; single longest component is only 20’!

  • Two end units, drop links, and spreader sections make it fully customizable.

  • Distributors are able to keep them stocked, offering customers quick ship access to certified spreaders.

  • World-renowned Caldwell brand name on a modular spreader system.

  • Components can be added and bought separately; take what you need now, add later!

  • All of the Dura-Mod spreaders conform to ASME B30.20, BTH-1, DESIGN CATEGORY B, CLASS 0.

Caldwell_Dura-Mod Brochure_020720-5 copy.jpg

To keep the system incredibly versatile, our Dura-Mod range of spreaders
can also be used with corner fittings to achieve box beam/spreader frames
in both square and rectangular configurations. The system uses the regular
spreader sections from the Dura-Mod range allowing the user to maximize the
use of their existing components without having to purchase a new system or
fabricate large fixed frames.

Box beams/spreader frames can be used for four-point lifts where there may
be headroom restrictions. Similar to regular modular spreaders, these frames
are easily stored and transported, and can be broken down and reassembled
for multiple lifting applications.

Dura-Mod Box Configurations

Caldwell_Dura-Mod Brochure_020720-6 copy.jpg

DM24 - System Items & Weights

DM24 - Capacity VS. Span

DM34 - System Items & Weights

DM34 - Capacity VS. Span

Caldwell_Dura-Mod Brochure_020720-7 copy.jpg

DM50 - System Items & Weights

DM50 - Capacity VS. Span

DM 6*
DM 12*
DM 24
DM 30 Box
DM 34*
DM 50


Caldwell Dura-Mod Range

DM 60 Box
DM 70
DM 110
DM 110/170
DM 250*

* denotes size is in development

Caldwell_Dura-Mod Brochure_020720-8 copy.jpg

DM70 - System Items & Weights

DM70 - Capacity VS. Span

Caldwell_Dura-Mod Brochure_020720-9 copy.jpg

DM110 - System Items & Weights

DM110 - Capacity VS. Span

Caldwell_Dura-Mod Brochure_020720-10 copy.jpg

DM110/170 - System Items & Weights

DM110/170 - Capacity VS. Span

Caldwell_Dura-Mod Brochure_020720-11 copy.jpg

Dura-Mod Box Configurations

DM30 - Box - System Items & Weights

DM60 - Box - System Items & Weights

DM60 - Box - Capacity VS. Span

DM60 - Box - Capacity VS. Span

DM30 - Box - Capacity VS. Span

DM30 - Box - Capacity VS. Span

Caldwell_Dura-Mod Brochure_020720-12 copy.jpg

Dura-Mod 24t - 170t Capacity vs Span Chart*

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