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LIFTING - Caldwell Main Catalogue

Section G

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Fork Beams

Battery Lifting Beams


Fork Lift Truck Attachments

Drum Handling

Rams & Extensions

Special Applications

Specialty Lifters

Index LifTruc

Standard Applications

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Quality & Engineering

The Caldwell Group has been manufacturing lifting equipment since 1954. It is our goal to manufacture high quality, long lasting lifting products that will safely increase productivity and reduce operating costs.

Both OSHA and ANST/ITSDF indicate modifications and additions to a fork truck require prior written approval from the original fork truck manufacturer.


OSHA 1910.178(a)(4) states “Modifications and additions which affect capacity and safe operation shall not be performed by the customer or user without manufacturers prior written approval. Capacity, operations, and maintenance instruction plates, tags, or decals shall be changed accordingly.”

ANSI/ITSDF B56.10-2006 4.2.1 states “no modification or alterations to a powered industrial truck that may affect the capacity, stability or safe operation of the truck, shall be made without the prior written approval of the original truck manufacturer or its successor thereof. When the truck manufacturer or its successor approves a modification or alteration, appropriate changes shall be made to capacity plates, decals, tags, and operations and maintenance manuals.”

ANSI/ITSDF B56.10-2006, Part III, 7.4.5 - The attachment manufacturer shall install a durable, corrosion resistant nameplate, with the following information legibly and permanently inscribed:
• Model designation
• Serial Number
• Maximum hydraulic pressure (on hydraulically actuated attachments)
• Weight (value to be accurate +/-5%)
• Capacity
• The following instruction (or equivalent): Capacity of truck and attachment combination may be less than capacity shown on attachment. Consult truck nameplate.

All product designs are subject to change without notice. Products pictured in this catalogue are a representation of a specific design. The product you purchase will be designed for your specific application and may not look exactly like the picture in this catalogue.

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The Fixed Boom, Model FB, has a telescoping boom with a maximum horizontal reach of 12 feet. This model is available in 3,000, 4,000, 6,000 and 8,000 lb. capacities.

Model FB - Telescopic Fork Lift Booms

• Alternate hook positions.

• Handle at end for easy extension.
• Telescoping boom.

• Fixed or swivel hooks available.
• Restraining chain with grab hook.

• Boom locking t-pin.

Model FB
Fixed Type Fork Lift Boom

CALDDWELL 202109-267 copy.jpg


The Pivot Boom, Model PB, has a telescoping boom with a maximum horizontal reach of 12 feet. This model is
available in 3,000, 4,000, 6,000 and 8,000 lb. capacities. The versatile Model PB is adjustable vertically in five
increments up to a maximum of 40 degrees.

Model PB - Telescopic Pivoting Fork Lift Booms

• Alternate hook positions.

• Handle at end for easy extension.
• Telescoping boom.

• Fixed or swivel hooks available.
• Restraining chain with grab hook.

• Vertically pivoting boom to 6’-4” height.
• Boom locking t-pin.

Model PB
Pivot Type Fork Lift Boom

CALDDWELL 202109-268 copy.jpg


Use the efficient, economical Fixed Length Boom attachment when telescoping is not required.

Model EB - Fixed Length Fork Lift Booms

• Fixed length.
• Restraining chain with grab hook.

EB-15 - Lightweight
• Accepts up to a 2” wide sling.
• Optional swivel hook available.

EB-40 - Fixed Length
• 5 alternate hook positions.
• Fixed or swivel hooks available.

Fixed Length Model
EB-40 Shown

CALDDWELL 202109-269 copy.jpg


Get the Extra Reach You Need with our Extended Fork Lift Boom Use specifically for use with off-road fork trucks. This fork boom has four different hook positions on 12 inch increments from 12 to 15 feet. Low profile design is easy to store.

Model EFB - Extended Fork Lift Boom

• 12' to 15' hook position.
• Extra wide fork pockets.
• Restraining chain with grab hook standard.


Model FB
Fixed Type Fork Lift Boom

CALDDWELL 202109-270 copy.jpg


Quickly turns your fork lift into a portable crane.

Precision Lifting Boom

• Portable, compact and versatile lifting.
• Fits standard fork lift truck.
• Hook travels approximately 20'.
• Adjusts both horizontally and vertically.
• Restraining chain with grab hooks.
• Completely self contained 12Volt DC power supply.
• 100 AMP Hour Battery with charger.
• Easy to use toggle button control with standard 12' cord.
• Hoist hook speed averages 7.5 FPM.

Model PB-60-PLB

Model FB-60-PLB

CALDDWELL 202109-271 copy.jpg


Precision Lifting Boom

Precision Lifting Boom

Model EFB-25-PLB


CALDDWELL 202109-272 copy.jpg


Use the Reach Over Boom when an extension boom is required and clearance is a factor

Model ROB - Reach Over Fork Lift Boom

• Multiple hook positions.
• Telescoping boom.
• Restraining chain with grab hook.
• Swivel hooks with hook latches.

CALDDWELL 202109-273 copy.jpg


Use the Carriage Jib Boom attachment when fork obstruction is undesirable.

Model FCJ - Carriage Jib Fork Lift Boom

• Horizontally adjusting, 15° left or right of center, pivot boom.
• Designed for ITA Class II fork carriages.
• Multiple hook positions.
• Swivel hooks with hook latches.

CALDDWELL 202109-274 copy.jpg

Drum Handling

Versatile Drum Handling Sling This sling allows for easy handling of various sizes of steel drums and barrels, and has a 1,000 lb. capacity. It is light in weight, high in strength, and is resistant to oil.

• Lightweight - weighs only 4 lbs.
• Versatile - lifts drums either vertically or horizontally.
• Self-tightening grip - sliding drum hooks tighten grip on load as drum is lifted.
• Tough - resistant to alkalis, ultra violet rays, rot and mildew.

Drum Handling Slings

Ratchet Type Drum Handling Sling
• Easily lift standing drums for transport.
• Tilt suspended drums to pour from open top or spigot.
• For use with ribbed steel drums, the ratcheting belly band tightens securely below the first rib.
• Standard wear pad for added protection.
• Ratchet tightens securely.
• Free end of ratchet strap sewn to stay properly threaded.
• Vertical legs sewn to belly band to maintain proper position.

CALDDWELL 202109-275 copy.jpg

Drum Handling

The Caldwell Lifter/Rotator unit is designed for use with a lift truck in areas where an overhead hoist is not available. The drum is secured to the carrier above the level of the forks thus it may be used at the full height of the truck. With the chain wheel, the lift truck driver may rotate the drum from the cab of the truck (10’ long drop chain). This unit will handle all standard 55 gallon metal drums.

Model FDL - Fork Lift Drum Lifter/Rotator

Designed to easily and economically lift, travel with, and dump drums into acceptable type containers. Pressure applied to the drum base against rim of container will tilt drum to preferred angle of emptying. Drum is secured to the lifter by a load binder. This unit will handle all standard 55 gallon metal drums.

Model FDD - Fork Lift Drum Lifter/Dumper


Model FB
Fixed Type Fork Lift Boom

CALDDWELL 202109-276 copy.jpg

Drum Handling

Model FG - Steel Drum Grippers

• High quality heavy duty construction.
• Restraining chain with grab hooks.
• Handles drums of 55 or 30 gallon capacities.
• Lift and release drums without leaving seat.
• Attaches to lift truck quickly and easily.
• Minimum maintenance required.
• Drums will not slip once clamped.
• Quick and easy drum release.

CALDDWELL 202109-277 copy.jpg

Drum Handling

The Model VDC is used for vertical lifting and transporting of metal drums. Equipped with a past center locking device which secures the clamp tightly to the drum. The Model VDC is capable of handling one drum at a time.

Model VDC - Vertical Drum Clamp

• Vertically lift and transport metal drums.
• Lock secures clamp tightly to the drum.
• Built-in rim brackets for easy alignment.

Model VDG - Vertical Drum Grab

• This vertical drum grab is ideal for handling open or closed-headed steel* drums.
• No fasteners, binders, or rings to put around drum.
• Grab allows drums to be closely stored to maximize floor space.
• Grab will not damage drum.
• Complies with ASME standards.

CALDDWELL 202109-278 copy.jpg

Fork Beams

Caldwell Fork Lift Beams are specifically designed to make fork lifts more versatile by providing positive handling of loads otherwise impractical for fork lifts.

Models 5, 10 & 15 - Fork Lift Beams

• Easy attachment, no special wrenches or tools needed.
• Strong, sturdy, all welded construction.
• Easy to see, highly visible yellow paint.
• Custom designs available.

Model 5 - Single Fork Hook - Fixed or Swivel


• Alternate hook positions.

• Handle at end for easy extension.
• Telescoping boom.

• Fixed or swivel hooks available.
• Restraining chain with grab hook.

• Boom locking t-pin.

CALDDWELL 202109-279 copy.jpg

Fork Beams

Model 15 - Double Hook Beam - Swivel

Model 10 - Single Hook Beam - Fixed or Swivel

CALDDWELL 202109-280 copy.jpg

Rams & Extensions

Model RLR - Rug Lifting Rams

• Available for both Class II and Class III lift trucks.
• Carriage locking pin standard.
• Minimum lost load center.
• Pole made of alloy steel.
• Class II carriage, hanger and baseplate are 1 piece.
• Class III carriage, hanger and baseplate are welded.
• Standard and heavy duty designs available.
• Fork-mounted base unit available.

CALDDWELL 202109-281 copy.jpg

Rams & Extensions

Model FE - Fork Extensions

• Ideal for oversized loads.
• Easy installation onto existing forks.
• Fits standard fork thicknesses.
• Standard fork extension widths 4” through 7”.
• Standard fork extension lengths 42”
through 96”.

Caldwell Fork Covers are specifically designed to protect loads which cannot be marred or scratched. Made from durable nylon webbing, these covers are economical and long lasting.

Model FE - Fork Extensions

CALDDWELL 202109-282 copy.jpg

Battery Lifting Beams

Used for applications that require a non-conductive beam such as lifting industrial fork lift truck batteries.

Models 36 & 36E - Fiberglass Battery Lifting Beams

Model 36 - Fixed
(Batteries of Equal Length)

Model 36E - Adjustable
(Batteries of Different Length)

OPTION J: J-Hooks available in place of swivel hooks at a reduced cost.
NOTE: When ordering J-Hook option show

Model 36 as 36J, and Model 36E as 36EJ.

• Lightweight units — 70% lighter than other beams.
• Models are available for handling batteries of equal length or of different lengths.
• Heavy duty 4,800 lb. and 7,000 lb. capacities.
• Non-conductive fiberglass beam construction.
• Acid-resistant, coated polyester straps and hooks.
• Standard drop sling length is 10", other lengths available upon request.

CALDDWELL 202109-283 copy.jpg

Battery Lifting Beams

Models 36L - Low Headroom Battery Lifting Beam

Shown with J-Hooks (Model 36LJ-3.5)

• Low headroom, 18.28".
• Adjustable to handle batteries of different lengths.
• Non-conductive covered beam.
• Acid-resistant, coated polyester straps with either swivel or J-Hooks.

Swivel Hooks

Order Model 36LJ-3.5

CALDDWELL 202109-284 copy.jpg

Special Applications

An inexpensive and fast way to move trailers with your fork lift truck. It quickly attaches to both forks for stable load movement with safety chain and grab hook for added security. Accepts standard 2" hitch inserts designed to handle 1-7/8" to 2-5/16" hitch ball for up to 6,000 pounds gross towing weight, and with the pintle adapter, up to 16,000 pounds gross towing weight.

Model SPTR - Trailer Spotter

• Easily move trailers with a fork lift truck.
• Restraining chain with grab hooks standard.
• Insert restraining pin standard.
• Can be used with most 2" standard inserts.
• Optional hitch insert or pintle adapter are available.


Shown with optional hitch insert & ball.

Shown with optional pintle adapter.

CALDDWELL 202109-285 copy.jpg

Special Applications

Pulling a heavy load? Caldwell’s custom designed tow bar is the solution you need. Our tow bar is a solid connection which provides added control over standard tow chains when moving heavy equipment weighing in at 10, 20, 30 tons or more! Just provide the desired length, capacity, and connection required and we will deliver the solution you need.

Model HDTB - Heavy Duty Tow Bar

• Can be used to push or pull a load.
• Designed to accommodate your specific connections.
• Custom designed per application

Application Evaluation

For a price quote on your specific application, please complete the above form and contact us

CALDDWELL 202109-286 copy.jpg

Special Applications

Can help you move your concrete pipe up to 3 times faster than with a standard fork truck. Quickly and easily loads up to 6 pipes at a time* onto a flat bed truck. Increased efficiency saves both time and money moving and loading concrete pipe.

Model MFL - Multiple Pipe Lifter

• Lifter can pick up 4, 5, or 6 pipes at a time.*
• Save time and money moving and loading concrete pipe.
• Rubber bumpers help protect pipe from damage.
• Heavy duty design.
• Pockets are open for easy cleaning and water drainage.
• Restraining chain with grab hook standard.
• Complies with OSHA requirements.

CALDDWELL 202109-287 copy.jpg

Special Applications

Model PP - Porta-Platform

• Heavy duty 10 gauge diamond plate deck.
• 1,000 pound load capacity.
• 4” toe guards.
• All welded construction.
• 42” side railings.
• Mesh screen 62” or 84” truck side.
• Mast chain included.
• Latch swing gate.
• Painted safety yellow.
• Platform 36” x 36”.
• 4 casters standard (2 swivel, 2 rigid).

Model MPP - Pallet Puller

• Used for moving hard to reach loaded pallets from flat surfaces, such as a truck or loading dock.
• Extends reaching capability of the fork lift truck.
• Single scissor action.
• Heavy duty steel design.
• Not for overhead lifting.
• Working load limit 1,250 pounds.
• 3/8” proof coil chain.

CALDDWELL 202109-288 copy.jpg

Special Fork Attachment Application Evaluation

For a price quote on your specific application, please complete the above form and contact us

CALDDWELL 202109-289 copy.jpg

Care & Use

Lif-Truc™ Fork Lift Truck Attachments have been designed for specific tasks to withstand the particular forces imposed. Guidelines for installation, inspection, maintenance and repair, safe operation and operator training of these attachments follow:

Caldwell Fork Lift Truck Attachments shall be assembled and installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, unless other specific arrangements have been approved in writing by manufacturer.

Fork lift attachments shall be operated in accordance with manufacturer's instruction manual, and by personnel who have received instructions described in the "Operating Practices" section of these guidelines. Training shall also include instruction regarding:
1. Details of the operating cycle.
2. Application of the attachment to the load including (according to the manufacturer's instructions) adjustments to the  attachment, if any, to adapt it to various sizes and kinds of loads.
3. Instruction in any special operations or precautions that may
be required.
4. Recognition of proper load configuration. For example, preferred operation requires an orderly pattern of stacking.
5. Before assuming responsibility for using the attachment, an operator shall demonstrate his understanding of the lifting procedure to the instructor. The instructor should record notes of operator's demonstrated ability.

The attachment should be visually inspected by or under the direction of an appointed person on a daily or weekly schedule depending on the nature of the attachment and the severity of the service. Details to look for include but are not limited to:
1. Structural deformation.
2. Cracks in the structural frame, welds, attachment points, mechanically operating parts, any attached slings, clevises and hooks.

3. Malfunctions during operation of a mechanically operating attachment.
4. Loose covers, fasteners and stops.
5. Faulty operation of automatic hold and release mechanisms.
6. Wear of lifting or attachment points, load supporting clevises,
pins, slings, linkages and mechanical parts.
7. Missing nameplates and markings. Contact Caldwell for replacements.


1. A preventive maintenance program should be established for each attachment by a qualified person based on recommendations made by its manufacturer.
2. Any repairs shall be done by the manufacturer or with instructions and guidance from the manufacturer. If repairs are performed by someone other than the manufacturer a qualified person should have responsibility for repairs. Dated records and details of repairs and parts replacement should be carefully maintained by a qualified  person, and copies kept in your possession.
3. Replacement parts shall be at least equivalent to the original
manufacturer's specifications.


1. The operator shall receive, read and understand the manufacturer's instruction manual.
2. The operator shall watch carefully that the attachment is performing properly during the lifting procedure.
3. The operator shall know the standard crane hand signals.
4. The operator shall only respond to signals from an appointed
person. However, stop signals from anyone shall be obeyed.
5. The operator shall notify a designated person when he considers a load to be unsafe.
6. The operator shall inspect the attachments before using. Any defect found shall be examined by a qualified person to determine if it is a hazard.


1. The operator shall not operate a malfunctioning attachment or one with an "out of service" tag attached.
2. The operator shall not use the attachments for any purpose(s) other than those designated by the manufacturer's instruction manual.
3. The operator shall not use an attachment when the capacity,
weight or safety markings are missing or are not legible.
4. No one shall make alterations or modifications to attachments
without consulting the manufacturer.
5. No one shall obscure or paint over the manufacturer's capacity,
weight, or safety markings.
6. Loads shall not be lifted higher than necessary or be left
suspended unattended.
7. The attachment shall not lift a load that is not properly balanced for safe lifting.


1. The attachment shall not be loaded in excess of its rated load.
2. Ensure the load can withstand forces applied by the lifter.
3. The combined weight of the attachment and load shall not exceed the rated load of the fork lift when load center and lost load is considered. (See fork lift manufacturer’s information).
4. The attachment shall be applied to the load in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended operating procedure.
5. Attachment chains shall not be kinked, and multiple part lines shall not be twisted about each other.
6. The attachment shall not touch obstructions during load movement.
7. The attachment shall not be loaded with loose material that might fall during movement.
8. The operator or other personnel shall not place themselves or any part of their bodies beneath suspended loads.
9. The load or attachment shall not be slid on the floor or other surface.
10. The attachment shall not be used for loads for which it is not designed.
11. Do not attempt to reposition load when raised.
12. A preliminary lift of a few inches shall be made to establish that the load is stable.
13. All loads shall be accelerated and decelerated smoothly and slowly. This applies to both mast movement and fork lift movement.

Modifications or repairs performed on your lifting equipment without prior written approval from The Caldwell Group, Inc. voids your warranty. Refer to ASME standards for information regarding the liability of repaired or modified lifters.

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