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LIFTING - Secureload Top mechanical jacks

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1. Description of equipment
2. Operating instructions
3. Forbidden operations
4. Checks before use
5. Maintenance instructions
6. Health and safety at work

Always concerned to improve the quality of its products, Special Industrial Supplies reserves the right to modify the specifications of the equipment described in this manual. Special Industrial Supplies and their agents or distributors will supply on request descriptive documentation on the full range of Special Industrial Supplies products : lifting and pulling machines, permanent and temporary access equipment, safety devices, electronic load indicators, accessories such as pulley blocks, hooks, slings, ground anchors, etc.

Special Industrial Supplies network is able to supply an after-sales and

regular maintenance service


  • Before using the machine, it is essential for the safe and correct operation of the equipment that this manual be read and fully understood and that all the instructions be followed. This manual should be made available to every operator. Extra copies of this manual will be supplied on request.

  • The TOP jack allows the operator to carry out work with complete safety. Ensure that the jack is only handed over for use or rigging to an operator who is trained to operate it in a responsible manner.

  • Never use a jack which is not in good working condition. Replace any jack which is visibly damaged. A continuous monitoring of the condition of the jack is an important safety consideration.

  • The manufacturer declines any responsibility for the consequences of dismantling or altering the jack by any unauthorised person. Specially excluded is the replacement of original parts by parts of another manufacturer.

  • The models covered by this manual must not be used under any circumstances for lifting people.


  • Moreover, these models are designed for manual operation and must not be motorised.


  • Never apply or attempt to apply to the head of the jack a load or effort greater than the working load limit


  • Ensure that the load is always correctly aligned with the jack.


  • IMPORTANT : If the equipment described in this manual is supplied to an employed person, check and ensure that you meet your obligations with respect to inspection and tests before operation  (See section 6).

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Operating and maintenance instructions


Models􀀃1,5 t / 3 t / 5 t / 10 t

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The model BT TOP jack is a manually operated
mechanical jack.

To use the jack, turn the operating handle.
The action of the operating handle may be
stopped at any time. The load is held firmly.
To ensure that the brake operates correctly do
not apply any lubricant through the operating
handle axle.


a) Avoid overloads. Check that the load never
exceeds the working load limit indicated on
the label when using the lifting head and
70 %of the working load limit when using the
lifting toe. (Models 16 and 20 t only).
b) Never work or position yourself under a load
lifted by a jack. The load shall be correctly
secured and balanced by wedges the
resistance of which has been calculated to
maintain the load in position. (fig. 5)
c) Never knock or bang against a load lifted by
a jack (fig. 6).
d) Never lift a load with the jack in an inclined
position (fig. 2).
e) Ensure that at the base of the jack, the
ground is sufficiently firm to support the
load. If not, strengthening arrangements
should be made. Any arrangements where
strengtheners are used should be checked
by a competent person (fig. 3).
f) Never use the jack to lift loads that could give
way or of which the various parts are not
firmly locked together (fig. 4).
g) Never use a rusty or damaged jack.
h) Never leave a load lifted by a jack
i) During any lifting or lowering operation, take
great care to ensure that the user is out of
range should the load fall.

a) Ensure that the load to be lifted or moved
does not exceed the maximum working load
of the jack.
b) Check that no part of the jack is corroded,
damaged or broken. Replace any jack
showing any of these signs.
c) Without any load on the jack, check that the
operating handle turns freely and does not
catch at any point, over the full lifting range of
the jack.

a) At least annually, the mechanical and
general condition of the jack should be
checked by an approved TRACTEL®
b) Where the jack is subject to a high rate of
usage or used in conditions which are
particularly dusty or subject to the effects of
corrosive chemicals, the jack should be
checked more often.
c) Ensure that the gearing and sliding guide are
well lubricated. Use TOTAL multi EP 1 or
Molydal Multi TP grade 1 lubrication.
d) Never apply a lubricant, grease or oil or
aerosol, through the side case at the point of
the operating handle axle, which could
adversely affect the correct operation of the
e) In case of doubt about the condition or
efficiency of the jack, contact your dealer or
approved TRACTEL® repairer.

It is the responsibility of every company to
ensure that its employees have been fully and
properly trained in the safe operation of the

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SECURELOAD whitepng 80h.png
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