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“Increased cut protection!” The edge, the protection and the safety

Only a few years after its launch onto the market, it is impossible to imagine lifting sharp-edged loads without the NoCut sleeve and NoCut pad for protecting textile lifting slings. Outstanding product features which are discussed in consultation with the users, and continuously optimised. Improved cut resistance and stronger material stability are the result of improved process technology, while the simplified handling is thanks to the practitioners who have helped to rework the NoCut pad.

Your safety takes priority

For a safe lifting process, care must be taken to ensure that, irrespective of the size, weight and geometry of a load, the lifting straps and round slings are not attached to any unprotected edges. The textile lifting slings may be damaged and the load may fall.


But when is a sharp edge present and how can the lifting sling be protected? Because an edge is already damaging for a lifting sling, even if it isn‘t razorsharp!


In this instance, the following must be observed:

For example: An edge of radius 18 mm is a sharp edge for a 20 tonne Magnum Plus. Use a radius gauge, and the SpanSet information on coating thickness under load conditions, for determining suitable protective measures!

[Also see table on Page 9]

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“Increased cut protection!” The edge, the protection and the safety

With a testing facility built specifically for the development of NoCut, various tests have been performed on sharp edges. The cut resistance of NoCut was investigated in combination with a selected lifting sling under nominal load conditions. A test scenario was defined for the experiment, on the basis of which certification of NoCut was carried out by DEKRA. Results which were confirmed in field tests prior to the actual market launch, and which were documented in useful handling instructions [see also Page 9]

These substantiated findings are the basis for the online product finder, which makes the combination of round slings and lifting straps with NoCut, in consideration of the edge radius, particularly easy.

Product Finder

In line with the low dead weight of NoCut, we also make it easier to select products. Use the free product finder at One after another ..

... can be clicked on from a pre-defined selection. After confirming the inputs, you will receive your product recommendation. Simple, quick and safe!

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Defined symbiosis

It goes without saying that NoCut has been adapted to the different widths of the SpanSet lifting straps and round slings. For this reason, NoCut is excellently suited to protecting textile lifting slings such as PowerStar lifting straps and SupraPlus round slings. NoCut cut protection offers a low dead weight in a compact construction for especially ergonomic handling with a low level of effort

An overview of the advantages of NoCut

Flexible hose construction The flexible fabric construction can be positioned easily and attaches to the edge.

Low dead weight The low dead weight makes for simple and ergonomic handling.

Freely positional NoCut can be freely positioned over the lifting sling and offers protection at exactly the place where the sharp edge is connected.

Label NoCut products are marked with a label containing the handling instructions and the general product information.

Certified safety A high level of operational safety based on defined edge radii – DEKRA certified.

Optimised process technology Improved cut protection, simplified handing and stronger material stability increase service life and safety.

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NoCut® sleeve

NoCut sleeve is a woven protective sleeve made from UHMPE [Ultra High Molecular Polyethylene] for lifting straps and round slings, which is simply mounted onto the lifting sling.


Due to it being used on both sides, the all-round equally high cut resistance offers a long service life and additional operational safety, since handling errors are avoided.


The flexible hose construction can also be easily positioned on the sharp edge in confined spaces. During the lifting process, the protective sleeve is placed firmly on the edge of the load, whilst the lifting apparatus within the hose continues to remain mobile. A basic prerequisite for lifting and rotating sharp-edged steels, for example.

More on the subject of “Twisting and turning coils” can be found on the next page

Simply better and stronger! Three good reasons for using the new NoCut sleeve. The optional middle seam simplifies the use of the NoCut sleeve when lifting with round slings using both cables [shown in Fig. 3].


Fasted on both round sling cables, manual adjustment is unnecessary and the components are connected together in such a way that renders them undetachable. Take advantage of longer service lives, additional safety and the variety of combinations with different lifting slings!

NoCut® sleeve – the flexible
all-round protection

NoCut® sleeve with middle seam

In order to protect the lifting sling, the NoCut sleeve may be used as follows:

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NoCut® pad NoCut® bumper

During lifting of the load, round slings and lifting straps are protected with the NoCut pad exactly in the place where the sharp edge is connected to the lifting device. This effectively avoids damage occurring to the textile lifting sling, as well as load crashes. NoCut pad is offered in a 2-layer or 4-layer design. This multilayer design achieves an extremely high level of cut protection and offers the user a high level of protection during critical lifting processes. New features include the simplified fixing of the NoCut pad with clip buckles or Velcro® fastener, the higher-performance fabric structure for stronger cut protection, and the improved recognition of the discard through an interior material specified in a signal colour. Your essential asset in performance, safety and efficiency!

From practice, for use in practice!

Starting from a length of 75 cm, the NoCut pad is factory-equipped with additional fabric loops on the reverse side. Webbing is quickly threaded through the loops and the NoCut 

Safety at the highest level

pad is additionally fixed to the lifting sling - because the lifting sling is only protected from the sharp edge if it is correctly attached and can no longer slip.


Optional fixing possibilities:

The newest addition to the NoCut product family, the NoCut bumper, also combines the most simple handling with a stronger fabric structure and improved cut protection. During the lifting process, the NoCut bumper can be placed at critical points between the load and the lifting sling quickly and without fastening. Depending on use, the cut protection can be used in crosswise or longitudinal direction.


The NoCut bumper is composed of a NoCut sleeve with interior layers of webbing which increase the radius at the deviating and attachment points of the load. It is always used if the NoCut sleeve or NoCut pad can no longer be used due to difficult to access locations.

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Your profit

As a consequence of optimisation, the user has a wider range of products available to them, with more possibilities for safe operation in the high performance sector. With the new 4-layer NoCut pad, MagnumPlus and Liftfix round slings can now, for a WLL of 60 t, be attached to extreme radii starting from 1 mm. The 40 t Magnum-X can be safely attached in combination with the 4-layer NoCut pad, starting from an edge radius of 2 mm.


Take advantage of more performance, more safety and more efficiency.


Values in the table marked with a tick refer to the minimum radius where NoCut may still be employed. Larger edge radii are included in the respective labelling.

Improved process technology is proving effective.

The suitable cut protection is easily found.

Page 9
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Tips for turning steel coils

When turning and raising coils, protective sleeves are essential.


The lifting strap is hung into the crate hooks and attached to the load with the protective sleeve. When lifting, the lifting strap moves freely inside of the protective sleeve while this is firmly attached to the load.

Correctly twist and turn coils

Practical example

Our tips for safe rotation:

  • Lift and rotate only in combination with lifting strap and protective sleeve.

  • The lifting belt is located exactly at 12 o‘clock in the eye of the coil.

  • Only individual, unpacked and neatly wound coils may be used.

  • A non-slip base, such as the secutex turning mat 1 and spacer (e.g. Squared timber 2) must be used.

  • Rolling-in of the coil or slippage in a transverse direction to the lifting strap must be prevented.

  • Diagonally „pulling out“ a coil should be avoided

Let yourself be convinced by NoCut in practice.

The SpanSet application engineers are glad to assist you with a free live demonstration of the NoCut sleeve and pad, to answer your questions and to support you with valuable expertise

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The complete sharp edge programme under one roof

The 1 product family is part of a comprehensive range of different products. The lifting slings protect against sharp edges and enable countless uses which were not possible only a few years ago. 2 coated protective sleeves, 3 fixed coatings and 4 edge angles in different designs leave nothing to be desired. A product range that is yet to be matched.


Further information on the topic of coated protective sleeves, protective edge angles and fixed coatings can be found at:

We have something against the sharp edge.

Training and further education opportunities

Years of experience, in-house test procedures, testing equipment and on-site consultation in the case of especially complicated loads provide for sound knowledge „when dealing“ with sharp edges. Furthermore, we would like to provide optimal support to companies and their employees in handling „sharp edges“ in order to effectively avoid risks during the course of daily work. For this reason, SpanSet offers training and further education opportunities on the topic of „sharp edges“ on an annual basis that convey state-of-the-art knowledge in a practical manner, being held by certified instructors.


Further information on training and further education opportunities can be found on our website:

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